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Cyber & Digital Forensics Expert Opinion

Over a decade’s worth of experience, combined with the state-of-the-art technological means, facilitate professional representation and comprehension of the case and all its components. The Force Majeure forensic laboratory experts work with the legal team providing full coverage of the digital-legal aspects. Our record has thousands of cases solved, seizure orders and digital forensics expert opinions.

Quite often, a plethora of digital evidence can be found right “under the investigators’ noses” – deleted data (whether innocently or intentionally), which have been concealed and encrypted through a variety of technologies. The Force Majeure team is an active partner in accompanying a case beginning with the collection, seizure and extraction of forensic evidence, through aggregating the findings into an opinion and court appearance as an expert witness, and to providing advice during the cross examination.


An expert is he who knows very much about very little


Computer, Cyber and Internet Expert Opinion

A reliable opinion from an experienced expert can reverse the fortunes of a case and lead to arrests, investigations and court rulings. We take pride in the many years of experience we have, the hundreds of expert opinions we have submitted, and the cracking of complicated cases of computer, cellular and Internet crime.

We arrive at the scene of the investigation immediately after a crime has been detected and locate the evidence for the crimes which have been committed. Once we have documented these using the technological means at our disposal, we produce a computer expert opinion presenting the evidence and the proof that the crimes in question have indeed been committed. If necessary, our laboratory team performs investigative reconstruction, which can be helpful in analyzing the case. Our experience in preparing these computer expert opinions for court and for the enforcement agencies enables us to lucidly present all the information we have gathered, making it comprehensible even to those who are not computer or technology mavens.

Testifying as an expert witness in court

There are many cases where a written opinion does not stand up in court on its own merits and requires corroboration, reinforcement or refuting of counterclaims through a frontal court appearance. When we appear in court, we explain and reason the legal opinions and provide a pinpointed analysis of the case, the investigation and its results. All of these help the court understand the full depth of the scientific facts from the computing world, and the meaning of the findings of the investigation.

Advising on Cross-Examinations

The Force Majeure experts help devise strategies for the expert opinion findings and advise on how to present the evidence in court. We will help you to build an effective, comprehensive cross-examination to counter the opposing party’s expert opinion.


Computer expert opinion – the preparation process

  • Professional analysis of the main features of the case and existing evidence
  • Evaluation of the potential courses of action for optimal solution of the case and for maximizing legal benefits
  • Retrieval of the existing data
  • Data recovery and restoration of investigation information to discover items which have been deleted or evidence which has been covered up and/or providing eDiscovery services
  • Evaluation of the need to verify the authenticity of the digital evidence in a case
  • Preparing the questions which the professional opinion will answer
  • Summing up and conclusions


– The process of preparation varies from case to case.
– Legal representation is not required in order to obtain the service.

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