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Identifying Wiretaps, Spy-Phone and eavesdrop checkup

Force Majeure provides a total package of solutions including examination of your communications and computer networks to identify wiretapping and/or espionage. We carry out these activities both in cyberspace as well as the real world.  Whether the bugging is focused on a specific mobile phone using a spy application such as Spy Phone or is industrial espionage or even a personal attack carried out “across the board”.

Our years of experience dealing with information leaks and preventing commercial espionage has created a firm and comprehensive foundation of knowledge that includes all threats both in cyberspace and the ”real” world.

We provide a comprehensive solution for wiretap tests, identifying cellular wiretapping and tracking programs as well as regular, periodic checks of computer systems rooms and offices to prevent information leakage. In this way we identify, for private individuals, organizations, institutions and government bodies, areas of exposure and risks so that we can provide an comprehensive solution for the client’s information security needs.

Identifying Wiretapping On Mobile Phones (Spy-Phone)

Force Majeure knows how to deal with identifying bugging operations, such as the Spy-Phone spy application and the preparation of an expert opinion to be presented to the Israeli Police and courts. The company does not provide installation services of wiretapping and spy programs or any other devices for bugging and concealed surveillance photography.

The bugging of mobile phones using spy programs such as SpyPhone has spread from the business sector to personal disputes and has become an epidemic that blatantly and aggressively invades our privacy.

Cellular spy programs can be downloaded from well-known internet sites. In many cases they can be installed without any physical access to the mobile phone. Wiretapping applications can also be installed remotely, for example, by sending a seemingly innocent message and well as many other methods. Even if the device is protected by a password, fingerprint identification anti-virus/spyware programs, it remains exposed and vulnerable to wiretapping programs.

It’s important to note that many companies offer “Spyware testing services”. These companies install an anti-virus which, in most cases, will not identify spyware programs but which could damage incriminating evidence. If the spyware is removed, you will be unable to press charges or provide prosecution evidence in a court case.

Never contact us with or even near the mobile phone suspected of being infected with spyware

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 A number of signs may be evidence that your mobile phones are being tapped. These include if someone asks to use the phone, even for a couple of minutes, if battery life is especially low, if the phone freezes or calls get cut off, if the phone restarts automatically sometimes without any warning or any other suspicious and abnormal behavior.  At the same time, we would point out that in the latest versions of Spyphone and other spyware, most of the phenomena that indicated tapping no longer apply and information leakage may take place without your knowledge.

Spy-Phone operators can:

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Read your messages including email, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS and other media.
  • Identify your device’s location at any given time (Cellular Location Tracking).
  • Remotely open your device’s microphone to listen to what’s going on in the immediate neighborhood. Even if you are not making a call.
  • To gain access and even erase data saved on the device including the ability to reset the phone to Factory Defaults and re-formatting the device.

It is vital that you operate with caution so as not to arouse the suspicion of the person operating the wiretap. Continue to use the device as normal until it has been examined by us and, under no circumstance, mention, while using the device that you suspect that your device has been compromised.


Identifying Spyware Applications on Computers and Networks

Computer spyware applications fall into two categories:

Malware Spy Applications

This first category consists of many different spy programs distributed by malicious agents to thousands of computers and systems for a variety of reasons such as: to collect information on as many users as possible in order to send personally directed ad campaigns; the use of the infected computer as a “zombie” to be used (without the user’s knowledge) in cyber-attacks, to steal your passwords and/or identity theft and more.

Programs such as these go under the general heading of “Malware”.

Personal Spy Applications

The second type of spy application is installed on the target computer, one that is used by a person or organization specifically targeted by the attacker.  The attacker’s goals can include: the collection of personal information, theft of a business’s databases to discover secrets and confidential information for commercial or personal use; morbid curiosity discover trade secrets’ theft of intellectual property rights and original idea, engineering plans and more.

Dealing with the threat

In most cases, in order to deal with the first, the non-personal threat posed by malware, it’s sufficient to scan the computer using an application designed to detect and remove malware and install basic protection programs that will protect the user from malicious software. Above all, do not install unknown programs, avoid connecting unprotected devices (such as a USB memory stick) to the computer and don’t click on suspicious links (whether on the web or emails etc.).

On the other hand, the second category of computer spy programs won’t be detected by computer scans and protection programs. In order to identify and locate these “infections” a rigorous manual examination must be performed by an experienced computer investigator who can identify computer activity that is hidden from the layman and that suggests that a “back door” or spy programs have been installed on the computer or computer network in order to gain access to data and information. It’s important to point out that such an examination takes place without alerting the attacker and thus prevents the erasure of the hostile program and any potential digital evidence.

Some spy programs also make it possible for the attacker to take over the computer and the network, to collect passwords of users with access to different services, to data mine access to the company’s databases, opening computer cameras to see what’s going on in the surrounding area as well as “seeing” every key pressed on the keyboard.

Computer spying can be carried out by the installation of a program or application or by the installation in the computer of a tiny piece of hardware that allows full, real time access to all data and all activities carried out on the computer.

That’s when we step in!

When investigating suspicion of spyware in a computer system, Force Majeure places the emphasis of its investigation on identifying hostile incursions into your systems. This includes back-door, hidden programs and any other component or element that suggests that the system has been accessed, compromised and damaged with the potential for data theft. At the same time, we also use cutting edge scanning programs and technologies to identify viruses and Trojan horses. Collection of admissible evidence is also of great importance and so, we may advise the client not to remove the spy programs until sufficient digital evidence has been gathered.

Investigating bugging in the office, home and car

Just as the technologies that we use in electronic devices is constantly changing and developing, wiretapping devices have also been revolutionized by new, advanced technologies over the years. Equipment for wiretaps, concealed photography and recording has improved significantly with devices becoming smaller and of better quality. More significantly, they are also much cheaper than ever before, easier to use and can be freely purchased from many internet sites. Most of these devices can also be installed without the need for a trained or skilled technician. The range of devices available for eavesdropping on open spaces, in the office and/or home and for tracking vehicle movements is greater than ever before.

Technological advances in wiretapping applications and equipment make it essential that those investigating suspicion of wiretapping in all its forms must also be at the technological forefront. They must examine the smallest of details and use the most advanced technologies available in order to identify electronic tracking and wiretapping.

The high standards set by Force Majeure in its cyberspace and mobile phone tapping investigations are meticulously observed when investigating tapping of the offices of major companies and the homes of senior management.

When investigating eavesdropping, bugging and tracking operations we test for the presence of microphones, bugging and recording devices, GPS and broadcasting devices, telephone wiretapping and hidden cameras. Whether there is a suspicion of unauthorized bugging in the home or at the office, or whether you need a regular “check-up” to identify wiretapping and spy operations, it is vital that when you contact us to perform the investigation, you do so from a location and from a device that you are certain is free of any cellular spy equipment or bugging applications


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