Industrial and Corporate Espionage Identification & Prevention

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Forensic Spyware Detection & Corporate Espionage Investigations

Whether checking for spyware on a mobile phone, or eavesdropping in a vehicle, in offices or in the home, a professional bug sweep relies not only on modern, state-of-the-art technology. The human factor is indispensable in the process – the rich knowledge and understanding of the way espionage takes place is a vital part of a good, comprehensive bug sweep.


Our Experience 
We offer a comprehensive set of solutions for inspecting and detecting bugging and espionage, in cyberspace and in physical spaces. Whether the eavesdropping is done directly on a mobile phone, or through spyware such as SpyPhone, or as part of an all-out attack – we have the tools to discover it. We have many years of experience in handling data breaches, and we are experienced in preventing corporate espionage. We have broad knowledge of existing threats in cyberspace and in real life.

Sniffing for bugs is performed with an emphasis on the forensic aspect. The intention is to discover and expose as much evidence as possible, which will point toward the fact of the bugging, and if possible, to reach the recipient of the information. We provide a comprehensive suite of bug sweeps, searching for mobile phone bugging and surveillance, and also periodic checks of computer systems and security gaps, which must be patched in order to prevent data breaches. This way, we can identify risks and exposures, and provide an overall solution in regards to cyber security and possible data breaches.


The main defensive tool against espionage
In the past, bugging required huge budgets, as well as physical access to the premises. These days, a sizable portion of covert eavesdropping is done through remote hacking and control. The prices of bugging devices and the eavesdropping itself have become affordable to practically anyone interested – thus bugging has become a scourge that has spread from the business sector to personal feuds and marital affairs. The main defensive tool against bugging is first and foremost awareness of the dangers, the precautions that must be taken and the telltale signs indicating that there are active bugs.


Professional standards
A professional bugging inspection requires analyzing and understanding of the following: the arena, the entities suspected of bugging, and the grounds for the suspicion that illegal bugging is taking place. There are many arenas in which bugging devices can be installed. Therefore the understanding of the arena and the background – be it business, political, industrial, security – is a critical factor in deciding what kinds of bugging and espionage detection tests need to be carried out. The understanding of the way in which the data has leaked can significantly help to locate the bugs.


Corporate espionage today 
These days, the world of corporate espionage is more accessible to the general public. Bugging equipment and spyware, which were only available at state and security agency level, have become readily-available commodities, being bought and sold openly and at affordable prices. These trends caused a proliferation in the bugging world, with eavesdropping suffusing legal disputes, industrial espionage and corporate espionage and even interpersonal disputes.