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Just as the technologies that we use in digital devices is constantly changing and developing, wiretapping and bugging devices have also been revolutionized by new, advanced technologies over the years.

Equipment for wiretaps, concealed photography and recording has improved significantly with devices becoming smaller and of better quality. More significantly, they are also much cheaper than ever before, easier to use and can be freely purchased from many websites. Most of these devices can also be installed without the need for a trained or skilled technician. The range of devices available for eavesdropping on open spaces, in the office and/or home and for tracking vehicle movements is greater than ever before.

Technological advances in wiretapping

Technological advances in wiretapping applications and equipment make it essential that those investigating suspicion of wiretapping in all its forms must also be at the technological forefront. They must examine the smallest of details and use the most advanced technologies available in order to identify electronic tracking and wiretapping.

High Standards Bug Sweep

The high standards set by Force Majeure in its’ cyber investigations are meticulously observed when investigating tapping of the offices of corporates and the homes of senior management.

When investigating eavesdropping, bugging and corporate espionage operations we test for the presence of microphones, bugging and recording devices, GPS and broadcasting devices, telephone wiretapping and hidden cameras. Whether there is a suspicion of unauthorized bugging in the home or at the office, or whether you need a regular “check-up” to identify wiretapping and spying operations, it is vital that when you contact us to perform the investigation, you do so from a location and from a device that you are certain is free of any spyware apps or bugging.

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