Force Majeure – Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

Force Majeure deals in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics, with over a decade of experience in handling cyber incidents and digital forensics.

Full understanding of the customer’s operational needs and direct leading to the most relevant technological applications. A combination of management knowledge, technological capabilities, long years of experience and deep familiarity with cyber risks enable our team to provide a professional and effective wide scale solutions from SMBs to intelligence units, law enforcement authorities and HLS.

  • High capability in managing and leading mega Cyber Security & Forensics projects.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in technological solutions for complex systems.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge in the matching of technological and systemic solutions field, for the customer’s needs.
  • Understanding for customer needs and locating technological solutions relating both to products and projects.


Our team includes highly skilled cyber investigators, veterans of elite intelligence & cyber units and anti-fraud security experts.
Force Majeure has been authorized for cyber event management by the EU’s leading insurers: Lloyd’s, Beazley Group, and The Channel Syndicate.


Cyber Services summary

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a service, penetration tests, DevOps, RedTeam, and risk assessments services;
  • Cyber, computer and cellular investigations;
  • Restoration and analysis of cyber and system events – IR;
  • Performing required adaptations for compliance with information security standards in public companies subject to regulation (SOX, Goshen, GDPR);
  • Provision of expert opinion in investigations with respect to digital evidence for judiciary purposes;
  • Locating and documenting digital evidence indicating illegal activity, fraud, embezzlement or neglect by employees or third parties;
  • Detecting, documenting, and preventing fraud and information leaks;
  • Detecting sniffers on computers and cellular devices;
  • Digital notary services – source authentication for digital documents;
  • Password recovery in files and operating systems for investigative purposes;
  • Forensic JTAG / ChipOff
  • E-discovery


Force Majeure was founded by Mr. Ran Levinson over 10 years ago. Mr. Levinson is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) elite 8200 intelligence unit. Today, company’s employees are technologically experts and dedicated professionals specializing in innovative computer investigation techniques.

Force Majeure specializes in digital investigations in cyberspace, computers and cellular devices such as tablets and cell phones. Thanks to its vast experience in the field and the use of the world’s leading technological tools, the company provides its clients with expert consulting and advanced investigation services.

Computer and cellular investigations provide professional solutions in cases that involve elicit activities such as employee theft, fraud, industrial espionage, intellectual property infringement.  These services also make it possible to identify sensitive information leaks as well as issues relating to libel, slander and many other issues that can be damaging.

Leading bodies such as the Israeli Police Force, government offices, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and others use the company’s services for the very simple to the complex investigations. In addition to its work with these organizations, the company also provides consultation services to industrial and other professional sectors. As an example, our list of clients includes Hi-Tech companies such as Microsoft Digital Crime Unit for whom Force Majeure executes investigations in Israeli law offices, accounting firms and private investigation agencies.

The company plays a significant part in major investigations.  Some of these have been featured prominently in the Israeli media. These include:

  • The Naval rape case;
  • The Rabbi Pinto case;
  • The Agron Case;
  • The Marmerah Incident;
  • There are many other cases which, for obvious reasons, we are unable to disclose.

Cyberspace, which has provoked a great deal of interest over the past few years, is a complex, professional area. The company has focused on this area since its foundation and is constantly developing and expanding its scope, abilities and expertise.

Over the past decade, with the growth of online activities in all aspects of life, (commercial, private, national and global), there is an increasing need to identify fraudulent and hostile activities carried out over the internet. Execution of suitable and comprehensive computer and cellular investigations requires focus, experience, a rich background and the ability to keep up with a field that is ever changing and constantly being updated. Force Majeure concentrates its resources in this area.

Force Majeure uses innovative cyber technologies and equipment to obtain digital evidence while strictly adhering to the rule of law. Thanks to our meticulous observance of this principle, the evidence obtained and processed by Force Majeure’s experts, is admissible in court, constitutes irrefutable evidence and contributes to creating a significant legal advantage.

If you suspect malicious activity on a computer, attempts to erase data, industrial espionage or violations of intellectual property rights, Force Majeure has the expertise and tools to help. If you need an investigation of a personal nature or you need to strengthen a digital alibi based on activities online oror a mobile device, we invite you to contact us now.  Force Majeure can  helpreduce or prevent damage to any existing digital evidence.

Expertise and experience with innovative technologies

At Force Majeure company employees are experienced computer experts that specialize in all areas relating to the world of computer investigations, including: industrial espionage, intellectual property rights, employee theft, internet investigations and business intelligence, cyber-crimes, computer crimes, civil law and information retrieval.

The company’s team works in close cooperation with the client, whether an investigation team, a law firm, a commercial company or a private individual. We will extract the most information and benefit from the material and the evidence.

We use only the most advanced equipment and technologies to carry out our investigations.  All evidence is collected only and strictly according to all legal requirements and restraints. This allows the usage of all materials in court.

Our experience doesn’t end in evidence gathering.  We are skilled at analyzing and processing digital evidence so that it becomes irrefutable evidence that provides a significant legal advantage. We prepare expert computer witness testimony and present it in court as an expert technical witness.  Additionally, we assist in the execution of Search & Seizure orders (Anton Piller orders) and the preparation and presentation of a comprehensive and complete report regarding any evidence gathered to the court.

Our record encompasses hundreds of investigations, expert computer witness testimonies and many satisfied clients.


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