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CISO as a Service & External DPO Services

CISO as a Service or external DPO enables organizations to cost-effectively improve their resilience, privacy protection and cyber security. The role of Cyber Security Officer requires familiarity with the company’s technological and business mapping, which will enable him to reduce cyber risks and cyber incident scenarios, such as: industrial espionage, data breach, infringement of privacy, leaking of trade secrets etc.

Organizations that are required to comply with information security standards as part of the regulations they are subject to – such as the EU’s GDPR, CCPA in California, Nevada’s privacy laws, etc. – are required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), Chief Information Security Officer or Privacy Protection Officer.

Moreover, even companies that are not subject to information security standards but are aware of the necessity of appointing an external information security and cyber officer will often appoint a Cyber Security and Information Security Officer, who will monitor the company’s IT departments activity and ensure that information security policy and procedures are adequately applied as per the security requirements defined by the company’s management.

Thus, the Information Security / Privacy Compliance Officer is appointed to reduce the exposure of members of the Board of Directors and Management to claims for breach of director and officer accountability and other company officials for cyber damage, as well as to reduce the company’s exposure to privacy protection lawsuits – whether these be individual or class action lawsuits.

The role of Information Security and Cyber security Officer requires familiarity with the company’s technological and business mapping, which will enable him to patch information security breaches and reduce cyber risks and cyber incident scenarios, such as: industrial espionage, data breach, infringement of customer and employee privacy, leaking of trade secrets, ransomware viruses etc.


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Chief Information Security Officer / CISO as a Service – Tasks:

  • Information security procedures – editing, deployment and implementation
  • Monitoring the IT department or the information security department
  • Employee awareness training 
  • Evaluation of the need for cyber insurance coverage and its content
  • Running internal penetration test, external and application penetration tests
  • Support for compliance with privacy protection regulations, GDPR, and deployment of information security standards
  • Adaptation and tuning of employee monitoring and control systems
  • Deployment of information security tools for detecting leaks from within the organization
  • Espionage and data breach tests in the computer systems and on the cellular devices
  • Incident response training
  • Deployment of information security policies and procedures on mobile phones – MDM
  • Conducting periodic information security review


The tasks of the Chief Information Security Officer as detailed above are adapted to the requirements of each organization and/or regulations required. The above specification is a general description of the common needs.

Data Protection Officer | Compliance Officer – GDPR

The role of the Data Protection officer / Compliance officer is to supervise the compliance with the regulatory requirements relevant to the organization, concerning privacy protection, cybersecurity and information security. In the coming years more and more organizations are going to be required to appoint compliance officers and chief information security officers, who will be tasked with supervising and making sure compliance with the regulations is upheld and that databases are in compliance with the regulations.

There are many advantages to appointing an external chief information security officer. Among these are – prevention of conflicts of interest, reducing the organization’s burden of responsibility and receiving an up-to-date situation picture from a professional, outside perspective, which does not come at the expense of other tasks and which does not take into consideration factors which are immaterial to the issue of regulatory compliance.

Appointment of a security officer – a business opportunity

Appointment of DPO – Data Protection Office – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a Service – pose a significant business opportunity for many organizations to improve their relative advantage on the issue of privacy protection and information security, which are coming to occupy an ever-greater place in the requirements arising in the context of business collaborations and tenders, as well as in the level of awareness of private customers and their demands for protection of their sensitive personal data.

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