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Data Recovery and Retrieval Using Cutting Edge Technologies

In our laboratory, we leverage top-tier technologies that were once exclusive to intelligence and law enforcement entities, to drive our sophisticated data recovery and retrieval tools. These cutting-edge resources enable us to solve even the most intricate cases, restoring information and data that has been unintentionally or intentionally deleted.


In addition to these state-of-the-art tools, we have developed advanced data recovery technologies with which we can recreate and retrieve information, even when it has been erased or when the hard disk has been formatted or encrypted.


Our premium data recovery and restoration solutions, typically catered to major corporations and law enforcement agencies, are also accessible to the public. We assure adherence to the same rigorous and elevated cybersecurity standards.


Restore and Recover WhatsApp Messages

We have at our disposal the most advanced technologies for reconstruction and retrieval of erased WhatsApp messages. Restoring WhatApp messages is possible whether it’s a case of accidental deletion, intentional deletions, device errors or even deletion by malice.


Recently, WhatsApp’s introduction of enhanced encryption protocols has complicated the process of message retrieval, posing significant challenges for intelligence and law enforcement bodies globally.

However, Force Majeure’s labs have successfully navigated these hurdles posed by the advanced encryption measures, and can recover WhatsApp conversations from even the most cutting-edge mobile devices and the latest versions of the WhatsApp application.

If the retrieval and reconstruction of WhatsApp conversations from cellular devices is critical to you, we strongly recommend not trying to “go it alone”. This could easily result in the permanent erasure of the information, making the retrieval of erased messages and conversations impossible.


Restoration and Recovery of SMS and Facebook Messages

With technologies similar to those we use to reconstruct WhatsApp messages, we also offer retrieval and reconstruction of Viber, SMS and Facebook chat messages.


If you’re seeking to retrieve such messages for personal or legal purposes, we strongly advise employing the services of a professional lab, ideally one with a track record of using advanced technologies to recover the largest amount of data possible. At Force Majeure, we constantly update our tools and technologies and pioneer innovative strategies for decrypting even the most intricate encryption protocols. Your data recovery is our mission.


Hard Disk Retrieval and Erased Files Recovery

Whether your hard disk has failed or important files have been erased and you need to get them back, we are here to help!


With over a decade of experience of restoring crashed disks and recovering erased files, whether the erasure was by accident, deliberate or the result of a software or hardware issue.


A hard drive storing critical data can unexpectedly start emitting unusual sounds, operate at a significantly slower pace, produce ticking noises, and may ultimately cease to function. These are early indicators of a potential issue requiring immediate attention and resolution.


A total failure of a hard disk is something that occurs in stages. The sooner you identify a potential problem and ask Force Majeure for an initial evaluation before the disk “crashes”, the more information we’ll be able to save and recover from the damaged disk.


Garnered from years of experience in computer investigations, our unique body of knowledge positions us at the technological forefront of our industry. This expertise enables us to detect malicious activities in your systems, even when skilled maneuvers have been used by offenders to conceal their actions. We also offer solutions for clients who have experienced unintentional file deletions, reflecting our commitment to securing your digital assets.


Retrieval and Reconstruction Data from iPhone and Android


Did you accidentally delete important data from your phone? Did someone purposely remove critical information to hide wrongdoing? Or maybe proof that could clear your name was deleted from your phone? In all these situations, it’s really important to get the lost data back.


Private clients can also enjoy our advanced technological advantages – the same advanced technologies which we offer to government agencies, organizations, private investigators and lawyers.


We have the technological ability and the know-how required to fully recover information from thousands of models of smartphones and tablets, whether the information was erased from an iPhone, an Android-based phone, a phone with Symbian OS, etc.


Our unique ability to recover erased data makes it possible for us to recover data from a wide range of devices – from the oldest Nokia mobile phones to the latest smartphones.


What Data and Information Can Be Recovered from a Mobile Phone?

When performing data reconstruction and retrieval from a mobile phone or tablet computer, we are able to recover a wide range of information including:


  • Recovery of WhatsApp, Viber SMS, Facebook and other types of text messages.
  • Recovery of photographs, video and audio files.
  • Details of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Email correspondence.
  • Cell Phone location – Identifying satellite positions, GPS navigation.
  • Wi-Fi connection history.


In some cases, it is even possible to retrieve and recover information even after the telephone has been reset to its factory configuration (the equivalent of formatting a hard disk).


Disk-on-Key, Flash Drives and Memory Card Data Recovery

There are a number of reasons for the data on a disk-on-key, flash drives or memory card to become corrupted. These range from physical damage such as cracks, water damage, temperature extremes and being dropped onto a hard surface to a failure of the logical structure of the device’s file system.


Force Majeure specializes in the recovery and reconstruction of files from disk-on-key devices, as well as other fragile memory storage devices such as SD cards. We have a record of successfully recovering and restoring corrupt and lost data from the vast majority of disk-on-key and memory cards we have been asked to examine.


Forensic JTAG \ ChipOff

This unique process is designed for those cases where there is a need to reconstruct or retrieve information from a cell phone, and all other processes have failed to provide the desired results. In this process, our expert laboratory technicians bypass the device’s operating system and protective systems to directly, physically and electronically access the mobile phone’s physical memory.