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About Force Majeure

Force Majeure deals in Cyber Security, Incident Response, and Digital Forensics, with experience spanning more than a decade. Our team includes highly skilled cyber investigators, veterans of elite intelligence and cyber units, and security experts. Real-world corporate experience, technological capabilities, and years of expertise with cyber risks enable our team to provide professional and effective wide-scale solutions from SMBs to intelligence units, law enforcement authorities and HLS.
About Us
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Officer (CSO) services, Penetration Tests, DevOps, RedTeam, Risk Assessment
Incident Response
Response team, recovery and analysis of cyber incidents, data breaches and system events
Digital Forensics
Cyber investigations & digital forensics experts – from an end point to organizational network
Data Recovery
Information restoration & data retrieval using exclusive methods and state of the art technology
Corporate Espionage
Identifying Bugging and Wiretapping on mobile phones, computers and organization networks
Legal Support
E-Discovery Services, preparation of cyber and digital forensics expert opinion for court
Wave Guard Technologies
“Thorough, professional, reliable.
Your contribution toward our organization’s cybersecurity has been substantial"

General (Res.) Uzi Moskovich | CEO

JND Legal Administration
"Working with Force Majeure makes our job easier. On a complicated forensic collection for contentious litigation, they were extremely responsive and forward-thinking, which enabled us to streamline the process and work cost-effectively."

Greg Haber | VP of Sales

HFN משרד עו
“You have made a great contribution toward information security in our firm”

Adv. Yossi Ashkenazi | Senior Partner

“A thorough expert opinion... it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the secret formulae have been stolen from the organization”

Labor Court, Tel Aviv-Yaffo | Ruling 22657-04-16

IDF Military Court
“The expert, Mr. Levinson, has impressed us as being a reliable, professional, skilled practitioner of his craft, and we endorse his opinion”

Military Court, Haifa | Ruling 215645

אוניברסיטת תל אביב - חקירה דיגיטלית
“Thoroughness, meticulousness, creativity - a perfectly executed challenging cyber investigation”

Prof. Rachel Erhard

מנחם רובינשטיין משרד עורכי דין
“You have dramatically reversed the fortunes of this case by obtaining evidence which other forensics labs failed to detect - professional, reliable work”

Adv. Moran Saadon

תיקון עולם קנאביס רפואי
”I have entrusted the upgrading of the IT and cybersecurity to the Company, Their conduct has been professional, efficient and ethical”

Boaz Galam | CIO

עורכת דין עידית רייכרט
“Professionals - an asset to any law firm. Warmly recommended”

Adv. Idit Reichert

grant-thornton IL
“You have substantially improved our cyber security operation”

CPA Amiel Atias | Head of IT Consulting Dept.

Meir Group Logo
"Force Majeure undertook risk assessment, DFIR services, and penetration tests for the company. The consultation was professional, very service-oriented, and flexible, and provided appropriate solutions. Everything was done in a friendly, pleasant manner."

Sharon Ashkenazi | VP of Procurement

Bezeq International Logo
"Force Majeure has outstanding professional capabilities and are immediately available to handle cyber incidents. They are fabulous people, personally and professionally, always striving for excellence."

Kobi Mizrahi | PM Data Security

Solaer - Force Majeure Review
On behalf of myself and my company, I would like to recommend the superb services of Force Majeure. We highly appreciate the service Force Majeure provides combined with the highest level of expertise in customer care and personal commitment.
Their team is always keen to meet all our expectations. FM responsiveness to urgent matters makes this company one of the best cybersecurity and digital forensics experts that you must consider having. I therefore strongly recommend their services.

Paula Vilin | Chairman of the Board