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Execution of Anton Piller Order & Search-and-Seizure Orders

Anton Piller & Search-and-Seizure orders are highly sensitive. Their professional execution, subject to the provisions of the law, is highly critical. In order to prevent the other party any possibility of disallowing evidence and fighting back through errors committed by the personnel executing the orders, we work with the utmost sensitivity and strictly observe the letter of the law.

An Anton Piller order, APO – is a court order allowing the seizure of evidence and exhibits in the possession of the defendant/respondent, if there is a concern that the evidence might be destroyed in the course of the legal proceedings.

For over a decade we have led and participated in thousands of cyber & digital investigations. This begins with learning the material to deciding on the directions of the investigation, to gathering, to extraction of evidence, and to compiling the findings in a computer & digital evidence expert opinion and appearance in court as expert witnesses in various fields. The company’s experts have been instrumental in dozens of Anton Piller orders in the capacity of a skilled computer forensics expert.

Starting with finding evidence of employee misconduct, alleged copyright, trademark, or patent infringements, software piracy, intellectual property breaches, forgeries, through assessing the dimensions of the financial violations, the duration of the violation and finding the source of the forgery and ending with the writing of a detailed report of the findings from the seizure – we have accompanied and guided customers throughout the entire process.

Over the many years of work with Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit and with many organizations, we have accrued a great deal of experience in search-and-seizure orders and Anton Piller orders – in many diverse fields.

Force Majeure’s computer & digital forensics experts includes highly skilled veterans of elite law enforcement agencies and intelligence & cyber military units. Our team is highly experienced in preforming eDiscovery services, search-and preserve missions, identifying, analyzing and recovering digital evidence.


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