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Cyber Security Awareness Training

80% of cyberattacks are caused by human error. 


Cyber risk awareness lectures and information security training generally involve a collection of dry, technical instructions in the form of company security procedures formulated by computer geeks. To assimilate information security procedures among employees of any organization, a different approach is needed. The lecture entitled “Cyber Self-Defense: The Human Firewall” embeds the risks of everyday use of computers among participants by using highly disturbing authentic case studies. The lecture is presented in everyday language, free of technical jargon, and requires no technological knowledge whatsoever. It reveals to listeners the methods hackers and business competitors use to exploit human weakness, ignorance, and risky usage to generate industrial espionage and cyberattacks of all kinds, including ransomware attacks and extortion.


CEO, Prima Hotels:

“A fascinating, focused, and practical lecture.”


Information security Training content:

  • The most effective cybersecurity tool that every employee and manager must know
  • Why cyber and information security tools will never provide 100% protection
  • Industrial espionage and eavesdropping of cellphones and computers
  • The major reasons for data leakages
  • Why the world of cybercrime is attracting more and more “entrepreneurs” and workers
  • The ease of faking and misdirection in the digital era
  • Identifying and preventing ransomware attacks
  • Social engineering and phishing: Warning lights for early detection
  • How social media helps gather preliminary intelligence on cyberattacks
  • Cyber risks to children, adolescents, and family members


Deputy CEO, Menora Mivtachim Insurance:

“A must-hear lecture for anyone who wants to understand how cyberspace is developing and how to prepare”


Head of IT Advisory, Grant Thornton

“This was an extraordinarily impressive presentation: on point, comprehensive, and capable of achieving significant improvement to our cyber defense setup”


Chairman, Israel Pharma & Medical Logistics Forum

“A fascinating lecture that received highly enthusiastic audience responses”



“Incredibly informative. I can’t remember the last time someone managed to fascinate the employees for 90 minutes the way you did”


Business Development Director, Soroker Agmon Nordman:

“Fascinating, eye-opening, scary, and most definitely very, very important”



Cyber Risks – The Human Factor

Our many years of experience with cyber incidents have shown that the weakest link in information security is the human factor. Therefore, one of the most important tools to reduce cyber risk is to raise the awareness of users to the dangers. We often find that senior executives absent themselves from information security and cyber training session, but precisely because of the permissions and sensitive data they have, they and their immediate surroundings are the preferred targets of espionage attacks.


הדרכות אבטחה מידע

Cybersecurity lecture at IPL (Israel Pharma & Medical Logistics) conference


Cybersecurity Training Reviews

COO Ronit Vertman and CIO Moshe Yonani, AON:
“Information security is a tired old phrase that we failed, despite all our memos, instructions, and directives, to assimilate among our employees until they heard your presentation. Several days have passed since your lecture, but everyone is still noting its’ effects. You managed to transmit the message in an extremely original manner, which kept all of us spellbound. When we invited you for a 90-min. lecture, we were sure that the audience members would be fiddling with their cell phones or nod off, and then grumble that we’d wasted their time on something that everyone knows. But, you had our full attention from the very start. I can’t remember the last time someone managed to fascinate the employees for 90 minutes the way you did.
“But, more significant is the effect after the lecture. Employees went back to their desks and immediately got to work updating their passwords. The water-cooler conversations after the lecture were all about using or not using Wi-Fi and what to do about information security when traveling abroad… and no less importantly what to do to protect children exposed to the internet and social media and how we should behave as parents and in general… and be aware of the dangers to us and our kids.

“Bottom line: the lecture was incredibly informative and delivered with impeccable timing, and covered all the issues important to the organization and to our employees – as employees, private individuals, and parents. We’d like to thank you on behalf of our personnel and ourselves. May we meet only at lectures about prevention and not because of a cyber incident.”

CEO Prima Hotels Avi Dor:
“I would like to thank you for the fascinating, practical, and focused lecture you gave the CEOs of the Prima chain hotels. Usually, technological presentations are tiresome and boring for non-tech personnel, but your personal charm and the way you transmitted the content were riveting. The directors and I were thrilled with your presentation and we’ve begun to assimilate your recommendations.”


Chairman of the Israel Pharma & Medical Logistics Forum Shai Haimov:
“I would like to thank you for the engrossing training session at the Forum’s annual meeting. Participants were thrilled. ‘The lecture on cyber was truly fascinating,’ and ‘The lecture on information security, supply chain management, and preventing cyber incidents was excellent,’ and ‘The presentation was engaging and provided many practical tips’ were among the many positive comments I received.”


Grant Thornton Israel, Director of Data Systems Department, CPA Amiel Attias:
“I was extraordinarily impressed by the lecture. Not only was it on point and comprehensive, it also made the topics accessible in a practical, useful way to end-users at every organizational level, thereby achieving significant improvement to our cyber defense setup and reducing the risk of leakage and data disruption caused by human error.”


Business Development Director at Soroker Agmon Nordman Talia Berger:
“On behalf of the entire office, I would like to thank you for today’s fascinating lecture. It was fascinating, eye-opening, scary, and most definitely very, very important! We hope never to have to use your incident management services.”


Senior Partner at Herzog Fox & Neeman Atty. Yossi Ashkenazi:
“The lecture series was outstanding. We received a great deal of positive feedback from team members. The content was important, the transmission was wonderful, and the cooperation was excellent. I’m sure we will see results on the ground. I’m certain you’ve contributed much to our firm’s information security.”


Other cyber lectures:

  • Cyber and information security for board members and senior executives
  • Cyber lectures at conferences to expose participants to cyber risks via shortened presentations (30-60 minutes)
  • Digital evidence – a successful legal tool: Technology and the law, a lecture designed for law firms
  • Sexual harassment and digital evidence: A lecture designed for officers charged with preventing sexual harassment in organizations and academic institutions


  • Recommended expansion to information security training: Phishing drills preceding the lecture add to the emotional impact on participants.
  • Training duration: 45-90 minutes, based on conference type and audience size.
  • Cybersecurity lectures are given by Dan Levinson who addresses conferences, companies, organizations, and academic institutions.
  • The lectures are intended for businesses, companies, and organized groups only.


Cyber Risk Awareness - Knesset, the Israeli parliament

Cyber Risk Awareness – Knesset, the Israeli parliament


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