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Cyber, Computer & Internet investigations

In recent years, computer crimes and cyber criminality have become one of the most potent threats. The cyber threats includes fraud and theft, blackmail, ransom, defamation, commercial, political and personal espionage, deliberate spreading of fake news and other forms of criminality.

Cyber crime and computer crime

Cyber criminals exploit the online and interactive communication sphere for malicious purposes. The widespread use of computers and cellphones, in almost every facet of our lives, documents a plethora of digital forensics which in many cases can be used as exculpatory evidence. A large part of this digital evidence gets collected behind the scenes of the device’s everyday use and, through advanced technological capabilities, it can be collected and used as scientific forensics.

Cyber crime – tracking down scientific evidence

The Force Majeure team has over the years accrued extensive technological knowledge and experience. Thanks to these the team deals with complicated cases of computer and cyber crime. The team restores, investigates and follows up on information, even if deliberate attempts have been made to delete or cover tracks. The company has a record of successfully reconstructing what has been deliberately eliminated – all thanks to its outstanding professional skills. In most cases the wheel can be turned back and the tracks of a crime can be exposed down to the level required in court.

The company’s computer and cyber researchers work skillfully every day to find and analyze digital evidence, which establish guilt or, on the contrary – establish innocence. Among other things, the team does the following:

  • Discovery of digital evidence of illegality – for example, computer hacking, information theft, data breach, commercial, political espionage.
  • Restoration of system events and files in computer systems and on digital media
  • Identification , documentation, fraud prevention and data breach prevention in computer systems
  • Incident Response (IR) team for cyber incidents in cases of data breach, hacking and ransomware
  • Exposure of defamers on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and on the Internet in general
  • Identification of anonymous Internet entities through the use of advanced, legal investigation techniques
  • E-discovery services & solutions

Our cyber laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology, supports all these activities and supports our investigators in the field.

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